Hatch isn't doing what he said he'd do

Jun 6 2013 - 5:30pm


I was just wondering, fellow Utahns; I remember hearing during the election campaign that Mr. Orrin Hatch was going to: 1) be the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, 2) repeal Obamacare, 3) balance the federal budget, 4 take charge, (it is Utah's time to lead).

From where I sit, it seems that none of these things have happened, nor will they during this his last, (I hope), term as the Senior Senator from Utah. Of course, if he decides to run again in 2018, no doubt the blind red folks of Utah will surely re-elect him. Come on Mr. Chaffetz, make a run, please!

Of course, Mr. Hatch is first in line, right on top of it, shaking his finger, investigating that IRS scandal. Of course he was a little late jumping on the band wagon, to investigate this situation that others have exposed! He may have been busy though, paused for a little "tea" perhaps, while cutting another CD! Oh yeah, he has taken charge of this immigration thing, too.

Mr. Hatch certainly has a lot to say about a lot of things; he looks real nice on TV, but never any real solutions do I see.

I was also wondering, if Mr. Orrin Hatch is approved by the well-known TV personality. It certainly seems that everything and everyone else is! Lawyers, plumbers, electricians, automatic transmission repairman, bathroom remodeling contractors, hearing aid suppliers, car dealers, window makers, you name it, they are all approved. What does it take for that honor, a sawbuck or a C note? Probably takes no more than a $5 bill, actually. It looks like that man happened upon a real money making endeavor, but he  has gotten greedy, it does not take much to be approved by him these days, it seems to me.

I'm realizing that nothing will be accomplished by this letter, but I feel better.

Dan Williams



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