City purchases land in Holbrook Canyon

Jun 7 2013 - 11:53pm


BOUNTIFUL -- It has been a long time coming, but city officials recently completed the purchase of property in Holbrook Canyon. The process was initiated four years ago.

The city council recently voted to approve the purchase of 36.67 acres of property in the canyon from descendants of Jed Stringham. The purchase will cost the city $1,000 per acre, or $36,667, and marks the fourth time in the past four years the city has purchase a portion of the 160-acre estate. Half of the funding for the purchase will come from a grant from the LeRay McAllister Fund.

Four years ago, representatives from the family approached the city about acquiring some of the property in the canyon. The original 160-acre homestead has been divided several times over the years by heirs of his estate. The owners of the remaining parcels, which total approximately 126.5 acres, agreed to sell the land to the city for $1,000 an acre. The council agreed to pay $500 per acre and seek grant money for the remaining $500.


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