Congress should stop fighting, fix bridges

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:07 PM

Clifford Tornow


Since the presidential election in November, 2012, the Republican Party has been licking it’s wounds and trying to be as obstructionist as possible to the tune of denying the president the Constitutionally granted duties to fill vacancies in the Federal Appeals Courts and other things, that they state as scandals. It is time for the Republicans and the Democrats to bury their hatchets and get back to work to create jobs and improve the economy.

The so-called IRS scandal and the Benghazi problem are not entirely the fault of the president. There is no reason to keep trying to dig up dirt to tarnish President Obama and further tarnish the image of this country in the eyes of the rest of the world, all in an attempt to deny a legacy for Obama’s administration.

We, the people of this country are tired and have had enough of the games that are being played in the halls of government, while our roads, bridges and infrastructure stay waiting for repair. Members or the public wait for the two warring parties to start to act like the adults they are supposed to be and get to work to create jobs and help to improve the economy and this country.

The deficit has actually been going down and there are some jobs opening, no thanks to the obstructing Republican congressmen who can’t seem to get the message that they were elected to represent all of their constituents and not the upper 1 percent who really could care less about the roads, bridges and infrastructure that need repair. Incidentally, other positions could be opened up to give more Americans the possibility of employment, too.

Why not stop the stupid in-fighting and get back to work.

Clifford Tornow


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