kids missed neighborhood party after complaint

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:06 PM

Jessica Barlow


For over 20 years our neighborhood has celebrated thechildren by having an End of School Year party. We invite everyone in theneighborhood with flyers.

It has been a great success and memory maker. Mostchildren look forward to it every year. We have cotton candy, cookies, popcornand other treats with drinks. We have had a off duty police car and Fire engineescort the school buses to the party. The school buses go to the usual busstops first before coming to the party so that every student has the choice tocome or not.

Last year we hadone little girl get off at the party that had not planned to come. Myself andanother mom called her mom and made sure the child was taken home on the schoolbus. We had handled the situation well and thought it was taken care of. Themother of the little girl then made a complaint to the Davis School Districtabout it. With 20 years of doing the event, we have never had one complaint.The District decided that we could not involved the buses again because of thecomplaint. This year we put out flyers again, but made sure it was known thatthe students had to get off the buses at their right stop and then come over tothe Party. We had many families complain that some children had thought thatthey weren't coming to the party this year and were left out! Thanks to onemothers complaint! We still had hundred of families and children there and hada great time. Why is it that one person can hurt it for the majority of thegroup. I worry that some kids missed out because of it. We want to continuethis tradition in our community. Thanks to the Syracuse Fire Department forcoming this year and the Normans and all the families that help put on such awonderful End of School party for our kids!

Jessica Barlow

West Point

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