Paper blind-sided by Republican ideas

Jun 7 2013 - 5:16pm


I got a laugh out of the Monday, June 3, "Thumbs up, thumbs down" editorial. The 'thumbs down' was given to universities seeking diversity, yet neither a Republican nor a conservative is invited to deliver a commencement address. 

What diversity? Republicans only say 'no' to everything. Chaffetz is running around saying he wants to impeach the president over security for U.S. workers in the embassies. That includes him, since he voted to cut funding for security for the embassies. Republicans vote against almost every bill that comes up, demanding 60 votes when they know there are only 52 Democrats. What is diverse about that? They are stopping government. 

I suggest the editorial board take five minutes and read the letter to the editor by published June 3, "GOP giddy over 'scandals.'" It explains why nothing is being done because of the Republicans. 

Why not a thumbs down to the editorial board that is so blind-sided by their Republican ideas that they can't see what the Republicans are doing? Why are they not concerned about bridges breaking because they are in such bad shape. 

Maybe they want to see how many people will drown when the bridges break.

Mary B. Eldridge

North Ogden

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