Government will know everything about us

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:04 PM

Howard A. Olsen


If you’re worried about the government knowing you have a gun, ha! It knows everything! So now, we learn that the government listens and sees everything we say and do on the Internet and over the phone. It reads, sees and hears everything! There are no exceptions! If we talk to or email a cousin about the assault weapon we just bought, the government knows about it. And we vowed to fight to the death that the government would never have that information. All it has to do is tell those big massive new computers at the NSA’s site at Camp Williams, Utah to key or highlight any written or spoken word such as gun, weapon, magazines, drum, gauge, etc.

Ironic, isn’t it, that one of the states with the strongest stances on protecting personal privacy is going to be home to the NSA’s newest facility built for the very purpose of gathering information on American citizens? Gun rights advocates, where is your outrage at this unprecedented intrusion and attack on personal privacy and constitutional freedom?

Those who support this matter-of-fact trashing of constitution rights in the name of safety, don’t complain when some government agency uses information such as political leanings, religious beliefs, guns owned, spending habits, what we read, and friends we have against you. It’s all in the name of keeping us safe.

Ask yourself this question, Why didn’t having all this personal information stop the recent Marathon Boston bombing? I think back to 9/11 when despite of having spent trillions of dollars on national defense, 16 men armed with nothing more than box cutters nearly brought our nation to its knees and changed forever the way that we live.

What is our safety worth? Can it safety ever be truly guaranteed? Is it worth losing our constitutional rights? our personal privacy? Sadly, the government knows everything!

Howard A. Olsen


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