Education should take priority over libraries

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:03 PM

Deborah Young


As a Standard-Examiner reader I have to concur with the opinions related to the recent bond and levy proposals that may plague us for generations to come. This relates to the political tactics of tax-happy politicians in this state and some of the relevant language used in the body of many taxation policies from the past, and presently being put forth.

With all this in mind, and given our legislator’s manic-like painting of a bright picture of our current fiscal status, I have to ask readers why they would vote pro for either proposal. Why are we not asking for more definitive language in the proposals; why don’t we throw other options around for the library dilemma, as in there are a lot of vacant buildings. Why not renovate one or two to function as the branches needed until our county and state fiscal outlook is realistically brighter?

Last but not least on our priority list, shouldn’t be the education of our children. It should be the first. Since when do pools and new building projects take precedence over that? When did splashing around in a pool become more important than many of the already decimated or whittled down educational programs and guidelines?

Ogden district has one of the lowest federally required teaching guidelines in our nation. Is that something this district, county, or state for that matter, should hold their heads high about when touting new buildings, refurbished pools, parks, or untouchable rainy-day funds? Are we simply trying to bury our heads in the sand in the hope that things will get brighter by some miracle, versus tightening our belts and paying more attention the fiscal policies of the few? Those few attempt to paint a Rembrandt versus a Picasso with the hope of lifting spirits, when they would do better rolling up their sleeves and getting down and dirty in the labor of restraint and reality.

Deborah Young


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