Library-like info is available from home

Jun 12 2013 - 1:51pm


Vote 'no' for the library bond. As children, we loved going over to the corner of the park, and walking into the "Bookmobile," a mobile library. They came to us. We could even request books and they would bring them to us the next time they came around. It was magical. Almost half a century ago, we had no microwaves, limited TV, no cell phones, and the only computers were so large it took a building to house them.  

Today, the majority of people have a computer in their home or a tablet or mobile phone. In seconds they can not only access all the information available on the web, but almost every book one would want to read with thousands of them free of charge, including the classics, magazines and newspapers. Literally, the world is at our finger tips. It is magical. 

Libraries with computers are now found in every University, and from high school to elementary. If you count the six public libraries, the 42 schools, and Weber State University, Weber County has a plethora of public libraries. But today, with library-like information available at home, many people only go into the library for a piano recital, scouting event or for voting. Those things can easily be done in other locations. The purpose of a library as an educational center has been replaced.  Most people do research in school or at home because they have it available online. The majority of people have an electronic "bookmobile" available to them at home, but for those who don't they could apply for a mobile device, based on need and income. 

The cost of the $45 million dollar bond is an unwise use of funds. For that price you could fund a $175.00 personal tablet device for Every person in Weber County.  In these hard economic times, we admonish wisdom.   

The place for gaining knowledge has changed from brick and mortar to micro-chips and wireless. Times have changed and we must change with it.  

Vote 'no' for the library bond.

Chad and Wendy McKay



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