Nimble cow eludes officers for 45 minutes in Clinton

Jun 13 2013 - 6:40am


CLINTON -- A cow that got spooked by its owner watering the lawn showed police officers her jumping and running skills for about 45 minutes before being captured.

"This was one young female cow, and I'll tell you what, she was very spirited," said Clinton Police Chief Bill Chilson.

Chilson and Animal Control Officer Ryan Blackburn got a call around 7:45 a.m. Wednesday about the cow on the loose at 1000 W. 1300 North.

Chilson was on patrol, and Blackburn was beginning his patrol in Sunset when they got the call from Davis County sheriff's dispatchers. Both thought they would see the brown cow close to that location.

But "next we hear, the cow is at 1800 North east of 1000 West," Chilson said.

He sent his officers there, but by the time they arrived, the cow was long gone.

Blackburn said a woman who spotted the cow running north on 1000 West followed it and gave dispatch details as to where it was headed.

Roy police met up with the cow around 2700 W. 5700 South. They managed to get it cornered in a backyard, but the cow was having none of that, Blackburn said. She ran out of the yard and headed straight to a church parking lot.

Officers placed their cars around the cow, but she slipped through a gap between a police car and Blackburn's truck, damaging the front panel, and ran across the street into another yard. Then she was off and jumping over fences from one yard into another before officers finally lassoed her, halting her escape.

Chilson said the cow was not fully grown, but she was not a calf either.

He said it was not uncommon about 10 years ago to hear of cows or horses on the loose in Clinton, but with more houses in the area, livestock has dwindled, so the calls are few.

The cow's owner did catch up with the officers and took control of his animal. Blackburn said he was cited for not having his livestock in control and properly fenced. The fine is $50.

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