Senior citizens can't afford property tax increases

Jun 14 2013 - 4:58pm


I'm writing this letter in defence of senior citizens. The counties and cities always seem to figure out ways to increase our property taxes, increase our water bills for secondary water, then tell us not to water because we have a shortage of water.

God help us; we need to keep building so the developers can build houses for their children, even though they might not have any water or sewer services when built. Just raise the taxes----ha, ha!

The libraries might be outdated as mentioned, but within a few years, they could be repaired much cheaper rather than to spending $45 million to build new ones. Stupidity seems to abound in this 40-years-behind state. 

We need to stand up and fight back at these idiot politicians who want to make people on fixed incomes pay these stupid tax increases. We can't do it.

Also, the dumbbells in Washington want to take our cost of living increases and give out more foreign-aid blackmail!

Let's take care of our needs first. 

Robert G. Checketts


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