So long, high school; hello, world

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:16 PM

TX Correspondents

For the past year, our TX. seniors have made contributions to their schools, communities and the TX section every Monday.

Now, post graduation, it is time for them to start making different contributions to the world in other areas. But first, let’s see where some of our senior staff members have been with our annual Senior Spotlight and find out where they are going in the future.

What high school did you go to and what was your favorite thing about it?

• “Northridge. All the awesome friends and teachers I had that helped change me into the person I am today.” — Sara Bowker

• “I went to Clearfield High. My favorite thing about Clearfield was the sense of camaraderie that the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program had.It was like all of the teachers and students were one big family; we are all pretty close and I love it.” — Christal Hazelton

• “I went to Ogden High. One of my favorite things about Ogden High is the art deco architecture. The school was built in the Great Depression when skilled architects and artists needed jobs. I love how Ogden High doesn’t look like every other high school and even though sometimes you have to catch your breath after going up and down the four flights of stairs, the beautiful environment we have to learn in makes it all worth it. Performing in Ogden High’s magnificent auditorium was a thrilling experience for me.” — Sierra Lawrence

What are your plans post-high school?

• “I will be attending Baylor University in Texas, where I plan to pursue a degree in English.” — Kalli Damschen, Clearfield High

• “I plan on attending UC-San Diego and taking part in their five-year BS/MS program for the bioengineering major.” — Minna Wang, NUAMES

• “College at Weber State, then transfer to either USU or Dixie.” — Morgan Sewell, Bonneville High

What is your favorite TX. memory?

• “My favorite TX. memory is when we all brainstorm together on what the next month’s articles will be.” — Christal Hazelton, Clearfield High

• “Through TX., I was able to volunteer to help sell tickets at the Battle of the Bands concert, and I had such a great time there.” — Sierra Lawrence, Ogden High

• “My favorite TX. memory is having people come up to me and talk to me about my articles; sometimes people I had never even met before would recognize me and have something to say about what I had written. It was a great feeling to know that what I was writing sometimes really was making an impact.” — Caitlynn Kindall, Ogden High

What advice would you give to incoming seniors?

• “Enjoy every minute of it and don’t be afraid to take chances. Take advantage of opportunities. Meet new people. Try something you’ve always wanted to but never have for fear of failing or not being good enough. You only get to do senior year once — don’t let it go to waste.” — Minna Wang, NUAMES

• “My advice to incoming seniors is to really get involved or go to events that you didn’t in previous years.High school is a lot more fun when you are looking forward to the events they put on like plays, dances, club activities, games, sports and carnivals.” — Christal Hazelton, Clearfield High

• “To not have any regrets! When I started my senior year I started looking back at all of the things I could have done differently and that’s not a good way to do it. Also, get as much college credit as you can while you’re in high school because as soon as you graduate it’s a lot more money!” — Caitlynn Kindall, Ogden High

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently about your high school career?

• “Be more outgoing and make more friends.” — Morgan Sewell, Bonneville High

• “I wouldn’t change a thing; even though I’ve made mistakes or things have gone wrong, everything that’s happened over the last three years has been a growth experience and has made me who I am today.” — Kalli Damschen, Clearfield High

• “If I could go back in time, I definitely would not use the trip to relive my high school career.” — Madison Ostberg, Bonneville High

Did you feel the effects of ‘senioritis’?

• “It’s real. Sluffing, sleeping in class, being tardy and not having a care in the world. It will happen to you. Guaranteed.” — CJ Garside, Bonneville High

• “YES. My senioritis was most evident later in the spring. Unfortunately, it transferred over from school to track and I wasn’t able to meet some of my athletic goals because I lost focus and I didn’t care as much as I had in years past. I have MAJOR regrets about that now because I know I could have been so much faster if I had maintained my enthusiasm.” — Sierra Lawrence, Ogden High

• “Definitely! It was especially bad, because after all my classes finished IB/AP testing, it felt like the year should be over, but we still had several weeks left in which we were expected to be productive. It was hard to find the motivation to work.” — Kalli Damschen, Clearfield High

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

• “Completing my and (my) friends’ summer list.” — Sara Bowker, Northridge High

• “Making memories with my friends!” — Morgan Sewell, Bonneville High

• “I’m most looking forward to the end of the summer, when I’ll start packing and organizing my things to leave for college. I’m excited to move out and meet new people, so I’m eager for the opportunity to move forward.” — Kalli Damschen, Clearfield High

• “Catching up on sleep.” — Madison Ostberg, Bonneville High

What will your life be like in 10 years?

• “In 10 years, I want to be in a job that I love going to every day. I want to be traveling the world, learning new things every day, and improving other people’s lives through my work.” — Minna Wang, NUAMES

• “Graduated and working as an athletic trainer for REAL Salt Lake.” — Sara Bowker, Northridge High

• “In 10 years I plan on having an amazing career as a nurse and maybe being settled down, but most importantly I will be happy!” — Caitlynn Kindall, Ogden High

• “Hopefully I will have my degree and will be working or on my way to working for Disney.” — Christal Hazelton, Clearfield High

• “Most single ladies are well known as cat ladies. I am going to be a dog lady because I don’t like cats that much. No offense.” — CJ Garside, Bonneville High

• “So many things could happen over the next 10 years that I think there’s really no way to know, but I hope my life will be happy, of course. My ideal path involves a career in writing and publications, and I hope to meet lots of new people and form deep relationships, but I’m really open to whatever the future holds for me.” — Sierra Lawrence, Ogden High

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