Former OWATC teacher struggling with illness

Jun 17 2013 - 4:01pm

My husband, Dale F. Smith, was a math instructor at the OWATC in Ogden. He ran the math dept. for over 25 years. He wrote books on math . Everyone wanted Dale for their teacher. He could help students understand math in a way no other teacher could.

Three years ago he was diagnosed with "ataxia of the sererbella," which is the small part of the brain which is shrinking. Because of this he had to quit working and lost his life insurance. He is unable to leave our house. I was able to get him a power wheelchair but there is no way for him to leave the house. He is, unfortunately, without ramps and a lift that would fit on our vehicle.

This disease is a fast-progressing disease and he is unable to understand how he got it. His lower extremities are also affected to the extent he is unable to walk and is not able to leave the house..

We have heard there is no cure for this affliction. We are going crazy trying to cope.

I take care of him, and I'm sure he taught many of you, and/or your children at the Ogden Weber Applied Tech College.

He has staples and stitches in his face and head, but he would like to get out of the house. I am his wife, Kathleen F. Smith.

Kathleen F. Smith


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