Oh, sweet addictions

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:13 PM

Danielle Collier

From getting nails done, to stalking a celebrity on Twitter, every teenager has a secret, or obvious, sweet addiction.

A lot of teenagers proclaim themselves addicted to a particular drink, food, store, a person of high interest, or an action — usually one that treats themselves, as you could say, “sweetly.”

Personally, I would consider myself addicted to Starbucks. A quick stop at this coffee shop lifts my spirits on a bad day, even if it nearly empties my wallet. I believe I am addicted since I’m constantly craving these beverages and buy them quite often.

My favorite drink at Starbucks is the White Mocha Frappuccino blended with hazelnut and caramel, but I’ve tried pretty much everything there. I realized I was addicted when I looked at my online bank account and saw more Starbucks purchases than anything else. That and when I got to the point where I didn’t need to look at the menu to answer my friends’ questions about a drink. I really think they might as well just hire me right now.

We checked in with some other Top of Utah teens to find out about their sweet addictions.

Tea and shopping

A fellow Northridge High School senior, Martin Theisen, says over Facebook that he shares a similar beverage addiction.

“I am definitely addicted to Red Bull. I’m an addict because I drink 2-3 a day,” Theisen says. “I don’t know, I guess the caffeine is addicting, and I realized this addiction when I spent an entire paycheck (about $265) on Red Bull in three weeks time.”

When it comes to food addictions, Peyton Davis, a junior at Ogden High, shares, “I’m addicted to cereal. I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like it because it’s so easy to eat and really easy to prepare!”

Andrew Ross, a recent graduate from Clearfield High School, creatively explains his love for both a food and a drink: “I am addicted to Cafe Rio sweet pork burritos and Boba pearl milk tea. They are just purely splendid. The sweet pork burrito tickles my taste buds and the pearl milk tea fills my soul with joy.”

Shopping, shopping and more shopping. A full wallet could be considered a girl’s best friend, however, once spent in the right place on the right thing it could also be considered a wonderful memory.

Kelsey Stevens, a senior from Northridge High, explains over Facebook her sweet addiction to spending at Victoria Secret.

“I would definitely say I am addicted to shopping at Victoria’s Secret,” Stevens says. “It is my guilty pleasure; like Martin I have spent an entire paycheck there, except I spent mine in one day! Ha ha, I love my Victoria’s Secret. That place makes me happy, and walking out of there with full shopping bags is the best feeling in the world. ...(I have a serious problem).

Can’t live without it

Another way many students can develop a sweet addiction to something is if it expresses their creativity and shows their passion for something.

“My addiction is dance! I dance every day whether I plan on it or not,” says Sebastian Winegardner, a senior at Syracuse High. “It just comes natural. Even if I’m working and a song comes on I will just start breaking it down or at school in the hallways. Dance is my life. I love it; it’s just so fun and a great way to express myself.”

Brett Loertscher, a senior at Clearfield High, says, “Gotta be music. I don’t usually spend money on it, but if I had money, I probably would. Music is the language of the soul. Each song is a different experience, and even the same song can change meaning after a few listens. And the best part: there is so much good music out there! It’s awesome.”

Sometimes students find things that are of great use to them addicting.

“Google, because when you procrastinated your paper until the last day, this will be your best friend,” says Brayden Vera, a junior at NUAMES, in a Facebook interview.

Supraj Prakash, a recent graduate of Clearfield High, adds, “I am addicted to computers because they provide me with a vast amount of information on the Internet and numerous ways of entertainment and knowledge acquisition. They are very complex and fascinate me with their abilities.”

Hot celebrities

Some teens think of more sentimental things when asked what they cannot live without.

“I think teens can’t live without friends,” says Rosemary Sage, a senior this fall at Davis High. “Friends provide easier people to connect with. You can be more of yourself than with your family.”

Prakash also says, “I could not live without the support of my family and my friends because they are responsible for motivating me to achieve everything that I have completed. They have also shaped my interests and my future goals and ambitions.”

There are endless sweet addictions hidden among all of us secretive and blooming teenagers, like that of Kaylee Mortensen, a Ogden High junior, who says, “I’m addicted to Christian Bale. I just love watching his movies and his accent is so amazing! I can’t get enough of him!,”

Danielle Collier is a junior at Northridge High School. She enjoys being with friends, volleyball, shopping, writing and traveling. Contact her at daniellecollier13@gmail.com.

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