Agendas of public meeting, June 19-20

Jun 20 2013 - 12:13am

A summary of agendas of public meetings to be held June 19

North Ogden Planning Commission

6:30 p.m., 505 E. 2600 North

Public comments

Consider approving conditional-use permit to build addition to existing roofing business building, 111 E. Pleasant View Drive

Consider approving conditional-use permit for temporary business to sell fireworks, 2357 N. Washington Blvd.

Consider approving boundary-line adjustment, 650 E. 3100 North

Discuss and/or action on mixed-use zone

Discuss master planned zone

Public comments

Planning commission/staff comments

A summary of agendas of public meetings to be held Thursday, June 20.

Hooper City Council

6:30 p.m., work session, 5580 W. 4600 South

7 p.m., regular meeting

Business licenses:

Resume to Career, 4509 W. 5850 South

Nate's Sure-Shot Adventures, 4945 W. 5850 South

Simpson Residential Appraisals, 4311 S. 5900 West

UDOT West Davis Corridor

Public hearing, ordinance to vacate easement, 5693 W. 5725 South

Consider striking sentence in title that discontinues quarter-acre lots

Discuss considering disorderly conduct ordinance


Public comments

Layton City Council 

5:30 p.m., redevelopment agency and work meeting, 437 N. Wasatch Drive

7 p.m., 437 N. Wasatch Drive

Interlocal Agreement between Brigham City and Layton City to Jointly Use Each Other's Data Facility to Provide for Continuity of Operations in the Event of a Manmade or Natural Disaster that Damages One of the Facilities 

Amendment to Title 9 of the Layton municipal code  

On-premise beer retailer license - Swan Lakes Golf Course - 850 N. 2200 West

Final plat approval - Evergreen Farms phase 1 - Northeast corner of 2200 West and Layton Parkway

Amend consolidated fee schedule 

Public hearings:

Amend Budget for FY 2012-13

Adopt budget and certified tax rate for FY 2013-14 

Planning commission recommendations

New and unfinished business

Citizen comments

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