Morgan schools should live within means; vote 'no'

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:11 PM

Wendy Turner


I want to urge everyone to vote ‘no’ on the tax levy that Morgan School District is proposing. As a retired teacher of 37 years, I know how important education is. And, one of the most important lessons we can teach is to live within our means by being fiscally responsible and making do with what we have.

It would be wonderful if we could have everything we want, but that isn’t reality. We cannot adopt a tax in perpetuity; we don’t know what will happen from year to year! We mustn’t burden the taxpayers further. We can’t give what we don’t have.

As test scores show, more money doesn’t equal better education. We need to demand parent involvement, hold students accountable and focus on basics.

The Morgan School Board should do their jobs and use their intelligence to prioritize projects and programs. Look to the community for volunteer resources, respect the taxpayers’ limitations and represent “all” of our interests.

Wendy Turner


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