Sunset council members spent money unwisely

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:11 PM

Jerome R. Willden


Sunset voters should be alerted. Two members of the present Sunset City Council have filed to run for mayor. These two voted for and spent foolishly $3,790 of our tax money for iPads with the excuse that they could better communicate with each other. It was mentioned that if they got the iPads the St. George Training session would be scrapped. This training session took place recently and sure enough, they were in attendance, staying at one of the most expensive places in St. George because it was closer to where the training session was to be held. The cost to us Sunset city taxpayers was another $2,050, making a total of $5,820 spent from our tax money. When a councilman or mayor is voted in to an office, it is their responsibility to represent the citizens and handle our tax money wisely. I have lived here in Sunset for over 50 years and I am ashamed of what has gone on and is now going on. This is not frugal, and it lacks integrity. No advice was taken from others on this subject.

Mr. Furness and Mr. Snow should not use their status to override a majority vote as has been done in the past in order to get their way. They should reassess their decisions and priorities. Money does not grow on trees.

Voters, please make sure you are not influenced by any individual who claims to be a good member of the L.D.S. Church, as such supposedly “active members” put on a façade to make you believe they in no way would be dishonest and would always tell the truth.

Voters, be aware of the track record of those who are running for office and put into office those that who serve the people of Sunset honestly and are not full of “I” trouble.

Jerome R. Willden


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