Things going bump in the night? Never fear, Teddy’s here

Jun 24 2013 - 10:07am


Photo courtesy Taylor Deem
Photo courtesy Taylor Deem

On a night of a new moon, the evening is pitch black and foggy. Tucked in tight to that bed this night, the trembling of a little one is easy to see.

The coverings are growing damp from the sweat of clenched clammy hands and labored breathing. The monsters so feared, from under the bed and behind the closet door, cackle at the fright of the little one.

The little toes curl under and the bottom lip of this small child is slowly going outward in preparation of a sob. She knows Mommy and Daddy are asleep and she would have to get out of bed to wake them, and that would mean stepping onto the floor. The monsters would get her for sure.

She wraps her arms around her teddy and squeezes her eyes shut.

Wait -- Teddy! Every person, whether big or small, old or young, becomes frightened at times. When they do, teddy bears and beloved stuffed animals have always been there to help us through the night safely.

Stuffed animals have no age limit. Perfect for teenagers scared of the dark, scared of the walking dead, scared of bears, etc. No matter the predicament, beloved stuffed animals will always be there to be held tight.

Not to mention their beyond impressive ability to dry tears! These furry creatures are the perfect fix for that bad day. Exactly like fears, everyone has had a bad day. Instead of holding it inside, let it out. The best things about stuffed animals are they can keep secrets, dry tears, give hugs, protect you, support you, listen to your problems, not make fun of you, make you feel 110 percent -- and they cannot leave.

Some may say that teenagers are too old for stuffed animals. Not true! As long as it's not an obsession, having stuffed animals isn't weird.

I'm not ashamed to admit to owning stuffed animals, and I have two favorites. One is a giant 54-inch teddy bear named Kuddles that I can use as a bean bag because he's so big, which is perfect for movie nights. My other favorite is a stuffed dog with a patch over one eye named Steve Billy Bob the Third, and I can't sleep without him.

People may joke or accuse me of being a little old for stuffed animals. I will proudly stand and say that I am not too old and neither is anyone else. Stuffed animals are a necessity in every person's life no matter their circumstance.

The next time you find yourself scrambling to grab Buttons the bunny during a thunderstorm, or crying about your bad day to Skittles the dog, just know you are not alone.

Taylor Deem is a junior at Fremont High School. Email her at

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