Driver chokes, ice cream truck jackknifes and burns

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:20 PM

Loretta Park

LAYTON — Gallons and gallons of ice cream did not make it to its Colorado destination when the delivery driver choked on his own saliva.

The ice cream instead went up in flames on U.S. 89 when the semitrailer carrying it jackknifed and burned, blocking Tuesday afternoon traffic for more than an hour.

The accident happened at 1:52 p.m., said Layton Police Lt. Shawn Horton. He said the driver, Mo Ewaishy, 59, from Washington state, told officers he was going north on the highway when he felt like he was going to “choke on his own spit.”

The driver tried to pull into the median area near Valley View Drive, but there was a line of cars waiting to make a left turn.

He then crossed over into the southbound lanes, and as he was braking, his trailer jackknifed and hit the guardrail near Sunset Drive. The guardrail caught the fuel tank of the semi, tearing a hole in it, and the truck burst into flames.

The fire destroyed the cab and the trailer, which was carrying ice cream.

The driver was not seriously hurt.

Fire crews were concerned about the diesel fuel that was leaking out of the truck and called for a hazmat crew to help contain the fuel from getting into a nearby storm drain.

All southbound lanes were closed from Highway 193 to 1500 North for almost an hour. One lane was open around 2:55 p.m., but traffic was still backed up for awhile.

Horton said the investigation as to why the accident happened is ongoing, and citations are pending.

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