Our View: A smart use for empty buildings

Jul 1 2013 - 8:41am



Count us as pleased that two new Layton businesses have chosen to use existing buildings -- long empty -- to fill the space provided for incoming businesses. This prudent re-use of existing space can only be a plus for the city and its residents.

Too often businesses will choose to build rather than re-occupy a vacant building. A deliberate policy to do that seems to us a waste of available resources as a well as a continuation of the negative sight of seeing business buildings sit empty. 

As anyone traveling through a business or residential area can attest, vacant buildings are a negative influence that decrease enthusiasm for an area.

In Layton, Standard Plumbing Supply Company has moved into the old Ultimate Electronics Building at 879 W. Hill Field Road. That retail building has been vacant for roughly seven years. 

And, at 859 W. Hill Field Road, Skywalker Haven, a trampoline activity arena, is moving into the old PetSmart building. PetSmart relocated to another Layton location a year ago.

Getting these buildings re-occupied, besides the aesthetic improvement to the city's image, provides energy to the Davis County city's retail area. 

In our opinion, seeing a building restored to economic vitality is a better economic energizer than constructing a new building while others sit empty.

Having two big-box stores adapted to a new business use provides another advantage. The hustle and bustle that will result will garner the attention of other businesses toward Layton, and particularly its mall.

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