'Sherlock' with Benedict Cumberbatch on hiatus, returning in 2013

Jun 29 2013 - 10:58pm


Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star in “Sherlock.” (SHNS photo courtesy Hartswood Films/PBS)
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star in “Sherlock.” (SHNS photo courtesy Hartswood Films/PBS)

Q: Where is the third season of "Sherlock"? I guess I assumed since the second season aired last May that we'd get the third season this May. But I've not heard anything about it. Please don't tell me I missed it!

A: You didn't miss it. "Sherlock" is being delayed due to its stars' busy movie schedules (Benedict Cumberbatch in the new "Star Trek" and other films; Martin Freeman in "The Hobbit" movies). Production began on the third season of "Sherlock" in March, and it's expected to air in the U.S. on PBS in 2014.

Q: Say it ain't so that TNT canceled "Southland"! This was one of the best cop shows of all time. The characters were incredible and the authenticity was one of the keys to the show. Unlike a lot of other mainstream dramas, "Southland" did not feel the need to pepper its criminals with politically correct representation. Plus, Officer Dewey Dudak was one of the greatest TV characters of all time. I know that "Southland" has already been resurrected once. but will it come back on another network?

A: I'm disappointed about the end of "Southland," too, but not surprised given the low ratings. I don't think it will be picked up elsewhere. It's hard enough to be damaged goods once and get revived; a second resurrection would be highly unusual, possibly unprecedented.

Q: Was Jeff Probst from "The Jeff Probst Show" Timmy on the show "Lassie" way back when?

A: No, he is not. The actor who played Timmy was Jon Provost.

Q: About the CBS fall lineup:

1) Does the move of "Hawaii Five-0" to Friday from Monday signal a lack of confidence in the show by the network, and if ratings don't improve, is the next step cancellation? Shows being moved to Friday typically signal last rites being administered sooner rather than later.

2) "Mike & Molly" was renewed with a 22-episode order, but no time slot given. Is it normal for the networks to do this with an established show, and why do you think this was done? Does this mean "Mike & Molly" isn't long for CBS if they can't keep its time slot?

A: Ratings for "Hawaii Five-0" have been somewhat soft on Monday, especially in the 18-49 demo, so the move to Friday is not surprising.

Having seen clips from CBS's new comedies, I think execs may be holding "Mike & Molly" back because they realize failure will come -- and possibly quickly -- and they want to have a solid player ready to go. "Mike & Molly" is somewhat softer ratings-wise than other CBS comedies (and has zero buzz), so it made sense to keep it on the sidelines rather than another show. This isn't unusual for CBS: They did it with "Rules of Engagement" for much of that show's life.

Q: Do you think ABC is trying to kill "The Neighbors" by moving it to Friday? I guess I'm the wrong demographic. As a stay-at-home mom, Friday night is fall-asleep-on-the-couch night. My hubby and I loved having funny things to watch on Wednesday. Thanks!

A: In this case, I don't think so. ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee touted the high co-viewing ratings for "The Neighbors," meaning parents and children watched it together in large numbers. Lee likes the show, but he also recognizes that its ratings were somewhat weak on Wednesday and he'd rather move it to a slot where it can do less harm. ABC has been trying to re-create "TGIF" on Friday for a few seasons now and "The Neighbors" fits in well. Friday may not be a prestige night, but it's better than cancellation; in that respect, the move is an effort to protect "The Neighbors."

Q: Do the actors on ABC's "Nashville" perform their own songs, or are they lip-synced?

Rob: The actors do sing their own songs. But as is often the case in TV and film production, they record the song and then lip-sync to their own recording during filming.

Q: Is "Red Widow" returning for another season?

Rob: No. ABC canceled "Red Widow" in May.

Q: Is the BBC airline show "Come Fly with Me" ever coming back? It is hilarious. Would love to know if season two is going to happen!

Rob: It doesn't look like it. The BBC ordered a second season, but then one of the show's stars lost interest, so there are no current plans for the comedy series to continue.

Q: Has PBS pulled "Market Warriors" from its Monday lineup, or is the show just on hiatus? There have been repeats of "Antiques Roadshow" the last few weeks.

It's not like "Market Warriors" is an especially good show, but I do enjoy watching something mindless after a long day of work.

Rob: PBS canceled the show. No new episodes have been ordered. This fall the new show "Genealogy Roadshow" will air in its place.

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