Crews detonate dangerous SlC chemical spill

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:30 PM


SALT LAKE CITY — Officials say a malfunctioning air conditioner may have caused a volatile chemical to leak in a Salt Lake City warehouse.

Salt Lake City fire spokesman Jasen Asay says crews detonated several containers of the organic peroxide called Trigonox on Monday morning after working overnight to figure out how to clean it up safely.

Asay says a problem with the cooling system may have caused the chemical to warm and burst a container, which sparked a small fire on Sunday morning.

Firefighters say the chemical becomes unstable once it reaches 68 degrees, and can’t be restored to stability once it gets warmer than 77 degrees.

Firefighters, police and a National Guard weapons of mass destruction team responded.

Crews dug a trench and used explosives to dispose of the damaged containers.

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