Hooper cancels July 4th, salutes tomatoes instead

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:30 PM

Wes Davis


It behooves me to write this letter, as I am alarmed as to the direction our little city of Hooper has taken. Our Mayor, Corry Green has banned/canceled the annual 4th of July parade and celebration. Residents old and new, young and old have grown accustomed to and created a tradition of attending this long-standing celebration. From what little we were told, the cost was too expensive and the funds were held for our Hooper Tomato Days in September.

Apparently, the citizens were not notified of this fascist-like meeting to cancel the parade and fireworks. Mayor Green must have forgotten that July 4th is more than just BBQ’s, politics and a financial budget. It’s a day we celebrate our nation and 56 patriots who signed and pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to have the freedoms we so easily enjoy today.

Tomato days or any other city fun day would not exist had it not been for the founders, soldiers and all other patriots throughout the years sacrificing everything for the cause of freedom.

Mayor Green would not have the freedom to make such a rash and hasty decision before considering other options. A true leader and patriot would have considered fund raisers, donations, local business/church contributions and reached out to the community for volunteers. Another option would have been to not give raises to the mayor and members of council.

Yes, we could have cut back in certain areas of the celebration, but to cancel the whole day without consulting the people he works for is contemptible and downright low. It seems as though our city leaders are likened to those in Washington D.C., self-serving and clueless to the needs of the citizens. But rest assured we have the funds so our children can salute and pledge to tomatoes in September.

Wes Davis


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