Sequestration should also affect Air Force One

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:28 PM

Bob Crosser


In the July 3 article, “Quieter Fourth with no F-16 flyovers,” stated that the Air Force fighters would not be doing a flyover in order to save money due to sequestration. Why is Air Force One not effected by sequestration? Recently the president flew to Florida, along with all of his security, and I am sure The Beast (his stretch limo) to play golf with Tiger Woods. I am sure that it would have been more cost effective to have flown Tiger on a private jet to Washington D.C.

Also, recently, he flew his family to Hawaii for vacation, and during that time he had to fly back to Washington D.C. for a vote and then return to Hawaii to continue his vacation. It would probably take a CPA to discover the cost of this trip.

Another story in the Standard-Examiner, several months ago, stated that every Friday Joe Biden flies home in his government plane to Delaware and then returns on Saturday to play golf in Washington D.C. and then returns to Delaware for the rest of the weekend. I am assuming that there are no golf courses in Delaware.

I wish that sequestration effected politicians the same way that it does all of the other citizens of this country.

Bob Crosser

North Ogden

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