Ogden hospital locks down after man is shot

Jul 6 2013 - 7:12am


SOUTH OGDEN -- Ogden Regional Medical Center was under lockdown for a few minutes late Thursday night after a man arrived with a gunshot wound.

Hospital spokesman Criag Bielik said the lockdown was a matter of routine.

"Our security procedures worked exactly as they are supposed to," he said.

Bielik said the man drove himself to the hospital and was met by a security guard at the door of the emergency room.

Once the guard determined the man had a gunshot wound, he ordered the lockdown.

Bielik said the 10:45 p.m. incident didn't have much affect on the hospital as the facility locks the doors at 11 p.m. anyway except for the emergency room door.

He said the lockdown was only in effect until police arrived 10 minutes later and determined that the gunshot wound did not occur on hospital property.

Reports also indicate that the man's car also had damage.

Bielik said he could not release any information about the man's condition Friday because of confidentiality laws.

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