Is heavy media use to blame for big shift toward materialism?

Jul 8 2013 - 1:56pm


Media consumption, like all tools, can be used to enhance our lives and for our benefit. It can also be misused to our detriment.

Recent studies show that American children and teens spend an average of nearly 8 hours per day using media. Specifically, 4.5 hours a day watching television, 1.2 hours playing video games, 1.5 hours using a computer, 30 minutes watching movies, and only 38 minutes a day reading print.

These numbers reflect use of media outside of school hours. Put another way, American children spend one-third of their life with media by the age of 18. This is a full 6 years of a child's life watching TV, playing video games, texting, watching movies or using Facebook.

This begs the question: What is the benefit of spending six full years in childhood with TV, movies and video games?


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