Hoggan’s ‘Audaciously Profound’ blog: Roy mayoral candidate addresses Hitler, Kennedy references in 2011 post

Jul 8 2013 - 6:20am


Joshua Hoggan discusses his Roy City mayoral candidacy at a June 24 news conference.

 Standard-Examiner file photo
Joshua Hoggan discusses his Roy City mayoral candidacy at a June 24 news conference.

 Standard-Examiner file photo

ROY -- In a blog post from 2011, current Roy mayoral candidate Joshua Hoggan wrote, "I am like Hitler. I am like Kennedy." Later in his blog, he said, "I can rule with terror and evil."

Now, after serving six months in juvenile detention after pleading guilty to possession of a weapon of mass destruction in a scheme to set off a bomb at Roy High School, he feels ready to be mayor.

The blog, titled "Audaciously Profound," can be found at http://audaciouslyprofound.wordpress.com/ and has several posts in 2011 and a few in 2012 before his bomb plot was discovered and he was convicted and sentenced.

Many of the posts refer to holding power and leading people either by force or by love. When asked in an email if he stands by the posts, he said, "They were not personal feelings back when I wrote it nor are they my personal feelings now. They have served no guide in how I lived my life then, and they do not serve as a guide now."

He said his words were a creative "free write" based on the viewpoint of a leader who was in a position to either lead the world freely or in a style similar to that of the leadership in Orwell's "1984."

"There's no direct personal meaning to most of the posts on that blog," he said.

In a post from November 2011, "Post 4," he said, "I will rise up. Eventually I'll stop being blind. I'll feel the emotions. And I'll love people again. But meanwhile. I'll be powerful. And I'll make people insert me into power."

Most of the blog posts are written in poetry form, and he also mentions "we" in one post, alluding that maybe more people are involved with the blog.

Hoggan didn't say why the blog is still online, only that the blog does not reflect who he is, but that it is just his writing.

Hoggan two weeks ago held a news conference at the Roy city offices and informed the media that he would accept questions, but after reading a brief statement, he abruptly walked out, saying he wouldn't accept questions. He eventually answered a few questions outside the news conference, but then after prodding from some friends, got in a car and drove off.

He told the Standard-Examiner in an email that the room was "claustrophobic."

"I feel that I was prepared for the conference. I was, however, under the impression that the room would have been larger, and the room was packed to the brim," Hoggan said.

In the email, Hoggan said he has proven to voters that he has been rehabilitated because he served his time in a juvenile detention facility and has willingness to serve. He noted that a juvenile cannot be released from a detention facility unless cleared by specially trained staff members who feel confident the inmate won't re-

offend and has been successful in a treatment plan.

Hoggan said he has had political aspirations since he was a kid.

"I've always believed that I could revolutionize the way we prosper as a society for the better, which has been my intention for as long as I've been aware of my aspirations -- although it may be misguided at times, such as with the Roy High incident last year," he said.

He does occasionally see students he went to high school with and has found them to be forgiving and accepting of him. He has found that most hold no hard feelings for him and are supportive of his run for mayor.

Hoggan and another teenager were arrested in February 2012 after authorities got a tip about a plot to bomb Roy High.

Hoggan faces Mayor Joe Ritchie and Councilman Willard Cragun in the Aug. 13 primary election, the top two advancing to the November general election.

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