Pols interested in their parties, not our country

Jul 8 2013 - 4:44pm


The article on the front page about HAFB forced furlough did not give the whole picture (July 7, "Real local furlough hit: $54M")  HAFB employees being forced to take 11 days off without pay will affect the economy, but HAFB is not the only facility affected. IRS employees state-wide are also being forced to take at least five days off if not seven. There are many couples who work for the federal government who both will lose income because of these forced furloughs. These people support the local economy by buying groceries, gas, and other necessities. People need to contact their congressional representatives and let them know that this is unacceptable.   

Utah has a high percentage of government employees. HAFB and IRS are not the only government facilities in the state. People in Utah need to wake up and realize how many government employees in the state are affected by this forced furlough.  

Vote for people who support government, vote for people who work together and not those who don't want what is best for America. We have people in Congress and in the Senate who are more interested in supporting their party, than supporting the country. Because of that, all government employees are suffering, not just a particular party. It doesn't matter which political party you support when you can't feed your family or pay your bills.  

Come on, Utahns, don't just blame Obama, look to see how your representatives voted. Did you know that the IRS has been operating on a continuing resolution instead of a budget for years because Congress can't do its job? If you didn't do your job, what would happen? You would probably be fired. Contact your representatives today. Tell  

them to get off their duffs and do their jobs or they don't deserve to have them.

Lisa Sine




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