Streamline immigration; stop perilous, illegal entry

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:35 PM

Jackie Parker


I have never written before and probably never will again but I had to speak about the July 7 “Standard Deviation” column by Mark Saal, “Weber State sch olar breaks her silence on immigration story.” This young woman is commendable and I applaud her and look forward to seeing her do great things, but as she enters law school, she will end up taking a class on ethics and I am interested to know how she would view her situation put in another light.

She should not be held accountable for her mother’s decision to break U.S. laws, but by her statements in the piece, she feels like her mother and others in this situation should not be accountable either. This poses an interesting ethical and moral issue. Using that logic, if a woman robs a bank and uses the money to pay for her child’s education and never does anything illegal again, should she be held accountable?

Should immigration be reformed? Absolutely! I envision a world where we streamline the path to citizenship and create education materials in all languages and begin outreach in other countries to educate people on the easier, safer, proper path to citizenship, but the borders should still be shut down. As ICE agents are returning folks, they could show videos and hand out pamphlets in Spanish and other languages that explain the new process and provide instructions so that adults are not subjecting their children to unsavory characters at the border. Then people do not need to live in the shadows and children, like this young woman, can do extraordinary things for their families and this country just like the immigrants of old.

Jackie Parker

Plain City

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