Davis sheriffs, search volunteers are quiet heroes

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:34 PM

Dave Nielsen


On July 4, I watched firework displays erupting from city parks from Bountiful on the south to Clearfield on the north, from a unique vantage point high above the valley below. I had not come to watch those loud, colorful pyrotechnic displays of patriotism. I was there with my wife and my son’s fianceé, waiting for the members of Davis County Search and Rescue team to bring my son safely down off the mountain. A day hike to Thurston Peak had gone bad when he lost the trail and chose to head down the mountain through a steep, rugged, densely vegetated canyon.

The men and women included dispatchers, sheriffs, paramedics, and voluntary search and rescue team members. The team gathered at a staging area at the campground parking lot until they brought him down safely, six or seven hours later. Combining modern technology, intelligent planning and the climbing skills of mountain goats, these quiet heros humbly did what had to be done, yet deflected our gratitude.

Team members came from various walks of life; one reported that they all have “real” jobs. One credited a flexible employer for being able to do this work, while more than one of the men were thankful that their wives were understanding when their days take unexpected turns. “It’s never convenient,” one of them said. Nonetheless, here he was, helping to prevent a casualty or tragedy.

I watched the distant fireworks and remembered they represent our gratitude for political independence. I raised my sights to the permanent display of lights above, those quietly exploding stars. I realized how dependent we are on the quiet, steady, unassuming patriotism of all those who serve in time of need,

A very heartfelt thanks goes to the Davis County Sheriff’s Department and the volunteers of the Davis County Search and Rescue team! They are humble heros, quietly exploding stars in our corner of the universe. The county’s search and rescue team is supported by voluntary donations, directly or through the United Way of Davis County. How would I know that my annual donations would come back to my own family in such a dramatic way?

Dave Nielsen


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