Speed limits near intersections should be lowered

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:34 PM

William Carver


On July 9, the front page story, “Corner: ‘Deathtrap of Ogden’” was long overdue. The problem is, too many drivers are speeding. There should never be a speed limit of 50 mph going through an intersection; that is insane. The speed limits everywhere need to be lowered and enforcement is badly needed. Everyone knows most drivers see the speed limit sign and adjust their speed so they don’t go 10 over that posted limit. So why don’t the powers that be lower every speed limit sign 10-miles-per hour and enforce that speed? Speeding is a major problem on every street in every city and very little is being done to stop it. Please do something soon before more people are killed by these careless drivers.

William Carver

North Ogden

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