Writing club helps kids discover who they are

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:34 PM

Diane Kulkarni


My granddaughter and I meet together on Wednesday mornings for a summer writing club. Our first assignment was to create a writing notebook to hold our projects. We went through several past issues of Better Homes and Gardens magazines to cut out pictures and headlines that answer the question “Who Am I?” After assembling our notebooks with glue sticks on brightly colored paper, we took a few minutes to write about the experience.

My granddaugher, Madeleine’s first thoughts are to the point.

“To begin with, finding out who you really are will help you find out what you want your career to be like. For example, if I grew up and thought I was into fashion, I’d be miserable, because I am not into fashion. This reminds me of the time when I thought I was into Barbies. After the first two minutes playing with Barbies, I was done!! That was so not my interest!

To save you from dying from boredom, try to find out who you really are. You may be into a number of things, and that is okay.”

In conclusion, Madeleine said, “finding out who you really are is helpful! It will save you from wasting time, from dying of boredom, and will help you with your life.”

Based on Madeleine’s enthusiasm, now Ian, my eight-year-old grandson, has also joined the group and is working to discover who he is.

Diane Kulkarni


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