Reader shares 'pub' talk

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:33 PM

Ann C. Christoferson


A comedian on TV said, “They have nothing on me, as I did my share of celebrating. When I was walking home, somebody stepped on my fingers! This has tickled my think-tank many times. If we all walked to and from the pub, perhaps our stumbles, fumbles and tumbles would be a reminder. We really aren’t competent drivers for controlling a heavy vehicle and may impair others.

As a part-time bartender, pun and fun and exchanging chatter for flatter was my gig. I was told by a man once, “You look good.” I retorted, “with another drink, I’ll probably look better.” I mentioned to him he was good to his wife since he never went home. He would hit on every female on the way out. I was on the end and he said, “I really do love you.” I told him: “There’s nothing more beautiful than the love-light that lies in your eyes and lies and lies and lies.”

Why not pun words sober instead of using booze-looze tongue? False spirt has false consequences.

Ann C. Christoferson


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