Many still clueless about dwindling water supply

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:32 PM

Clint Zang


I drive past the same house every day on my way home and the story is always the same. There is literally so much water laying in this persons 2/3 acre yard you would need waders to keep from getting wet.

Meanwhile our high desert climate gets a little dryer and a little hotter each year. Take a ride to Pineview, or even higher up and look for our most precious of resources. There is not an ounce of white to be seen on any of the peaks surrounding Monte Cristo. Our reservoirs are dwindling rapidly and it is only early July. This trend of drought is worldwide and whether your believe it is man made or not doesn’t change the fact that climate is changing. We are dealing with the hottest years on record and that is a fact.

We need to seriously think about the adoption of a water conservation program as each year is getting worse and yet only a few practice conservation. If we don’t start practicing water conservation, and I mean immediately, we will have a tragedy of the commons on our hands a few short years from now. This will come in the form of either water shortages or driving businesses under that rely on certain amounts of water flow to sustain themselves.

I don’t think recommendations for conserving water will work any longer. We need mandates because the types of folks that water their lawn so much in the middle of the day that there is standing water for hours probably don’t respond well to “recommendations.”

Clint Zang


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