Info regarding Hill furlough misleading

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:45 PM

Brett Hamblin


At least one Standard Examiner article and Thursday’s “Our View” editorial presented what I feel is some misleading information (July 7, “Real Hill furlough hit Top of Utah: $54M,” and July 11, “furlough come to Hill”). Also, several non-federal employees and at least one business owner have echoed this misconception of the data as it was presented.

The articles state the 11 days furlough for Hill civilians is a 4.3 percent loss of pay over the year. That is correct, but the fact is, this is for fiscal year 2013 and we are already in the 4th quarter of the fiscal year. In actuality, for the 11 weeks, or most of three months, one day a week (5 work days) cut equates to a 20 percent pay cut for that time.

If my pay check were decreased by 4.3 percent, I may not have as much of a problem as the actual three months of a 20 percent cut. I’m thinking that when Hill civilians and other federal employees paychecks start showing up with 20 percent less in them, local business will feel the crunch. It’s not as if these checks were actually only 4.3 percent lower.

Brett Hamblin

North Ogden

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