Whoever thinks Congress cares needs reality check

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:43 PM

Terry Uhrig


This is in regard to the July 11 editorial, “Furloughs come to Hill.” First off, let’s call this what it is; our lame Congress cares only about themselves and their lobby groups. Anyone who honestly thinks they care about the average American who is trying to do the right thing needs a reality check, quickly.

As for the 4.3 percent annually pay loss, that’s deceptive, and shame on the paper for being so politically correct. In real life, it is actually anywhere from 18-20 percent off per pay period. And, that adds up to a lot more than the 4.3 percent figure.

So, in closing, as a family, we will be taking a nice-sized pay cut for the next three months. That means we don’t be going to dinner or movies because in real life, when money gets tight we don’t spend what we don’t have.

Terry Uhrig


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