Cartoon's depiction of Zimmerman disingenuous

Jul 17 2013 - 2:45pm


Grondahl's cartoon depiction regarding the Zimmerman trial and Zimmerman's supposed "reaction" to the verdict was disingenuous, at best (July 17 editorial, "Zimmerman verdict appropriate"). The man showed amazing restraint knowing he had just "escaped" being convicted on the alter of political correctness. The trial was a "zoo" and the judge needs to be removed from her present position.  

I was not there that night, and thought, based on the evidence presented that the verdict was, under the circumstances, right. This has given the so called "black leadership," the president, and the attorney general a forum to "further stir the pot" and destroy any possible progress in race relations to date.

Perhaps Grondahl's next cartoon should depict some of these thugs and thieves burning cars and stealing anything not nailed down throughout this country. But that wouldn't be politically correct, now would it?

Randall A. Roberts

West Haven


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