F.O.E. groups' motto is 'People helping people'

Jul 18 2013 - 2:54pm


The members of Roy Aerie 3355 Fraternal Order of Eagles would like to thank the newspaper for the great article on the Ten Commandment monolith that has been erected on aerie property. This article has been great exposure for the Fraternal Order of Eagles (July 11, "Eagles' Ten Commandments monument back on display in Roy").

Who and what are the Eagles? The Fraternal Order of Eagles is an international non-profit organization that promotes peace, prosperity, gladness and hope. The Fraternal Order of Eagles upholds and nourishes the values of home, family and community that are so necessary, yet so often ignored and tempted in today's society. We are the Eagles and our motto is "People helping people."

Nationally, we partner with University of Iowa with a commitment to donate $25 million to their diabetes research center. All Eagle money donated will be used for research. If everything goes well, we will make our last installment at our national convention in Reno in July of 2013.

In the state of Utah, we are proud to have partnered with organizations like Make-A-Wish, women's shelters, children's need centers, the Ronald McDonald House, police and fire departments, the dialysis center of Ogden, the George Wahlen Veterans Home. We also have had a long relationship with the University of Utah that has received thousands of dollars used to offset the cost of research for finding a cure in diabetes, cancer, kidney, autism and heart disease. We are proud to have partnered with organizations that have the same goal of people helping people. 

The Fraternal Order of Eagles requires a fee for membership and is governed by articles of incorporation and it is required to abide by a set of bylaws, house rules and it must comply with all state, county and city laws.  For more information contact a local aerie, or on-line at foe.com. 

Jim Gallegos

Aerie secretary

Frateral Order of Eagles


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