Thumbs up, thumbs down

Jul 19 2013 - 12:44pm

Thumbs up: To Utah, the Beehive State, which is one of the best places for business, according to a major study. The TV network CNBC has Utah tied with Virginia at number five in the nation.

Thumbs down: To Utah gasoline prices, which continue to be among the nation's highest. Frankly, we've long lost patience with industry flaks who smoothly explain why constant high prices are the proper norm in our state.

Thumbs up: To the Paris Cafe in Ogden, which enjoys live music on the weekends. This is not an ad, merely our satisfaction that the cafe's long battle with Ogden city to have live music is definitely over.

Thumbs down: To the very low rate of per-pupil spending in Utah. The National Center for Education Statistics reported that our state is last in that category, spending $6,326 per student in fiscal year 2011.

Thumbs up: To Utah's efforts to combat the common virus called CMV. We're the first state in the nation to launch and education and screening campaign for the virus that affects people of all ages.

Thumbs down: To the still-faltering economy. Despite a smaller unemployment number, far too many of the new jobs are of the part-time variety, and do not include a wage big enough, nor benefits, to meet all the obligations necessary, singles or families.

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