Layton voter receives Farmington ballot in the mail

Jul 20 2013 - 9:18pm

FARMINGTON -- One Layton voter got an early surprise when he opened his requested absentee ballot only to find a Farmington City ballot inside.

The man, who declined to provide his name in contacting the newspaper about the mix-up, said the envelope mailed to him from the county bore his name.

"Without knowing any more information it makes it difficult for us to tell (what happened)," Davis County election manager Brian McKenzie said Friday.

McKenzie took over county election duties this summer in replacing longtime election coordinator Pat Beckstead who retired in June.

Farmington city absentee ballots for the Aug. 13 municipal primary went out Monday, McKenzie said, and would have been arriving at homes on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

"But without knowing who this person is," a concerned McKenzie said, "there is nothing we can do to fix the problem."

The only other call the clerk's office has received in relationship to its absentee ballots being mailed out, is that one voter received an absentee ballot envelope containing no ballot, he said.

McKenzie said other than that call, the county as of Friday had yet to receive any other complaints.

In speculating, McKenzie said, there are a couple of possibilities as to what may have occurred with the Layton voter.

The Layton man may have recently re-registered in having moved from Farmington to Layton, McKenzie said, or the wrong ballot was put in the wrong envelope during the preparation process.

But there is no way for the county to verify what actually occurred without having the individual's name.

"If we had his name we could look back and verify what happened," McKenzie said.

The Davis County clerk's office will mail out to voters countywide more than 16,000 absentee ballots for the municipal primary, McKenzie said.

County officials encourage anyone with ballot concerns to contact their office at 801-451-3589 or contact their local city recorder.


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