Far-right has ruined once proud GOP

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:49 PM

Miguel R. Serda, Jr.


For the last five years, the right wing of the Republican Party as well as the Fox News network haven’t shown the slightest respect or decency for this president, or our democratic process. This has lead to a national, if not world-wide disgrace. It’s shameful that the right will say, do and stoop to the lowest forms of humanity to smear, slander and embarrass this president. I’m sure that the color of his skin, as well as his policies have much to do with it, because no other president has had this much thrown his way to impede any and all of his efforts to take the country out of the ditch and move it forward. And they, themselves help drive it into this ditch.

It’s like the party and the power that they desire are more important than what’s good for the country and its citizens. I just wonder what those past leaders like Lincoln and Reagan would think. Would they even fit into that once proud party, that the far-right has now taken over and is destroying?

The real shame and sadness of it all, is that our children and grandchildren will suffer from their racist, hateful, unpatriotic and selfish acts.

Miguel R. Serda, Jr.


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