Bountiful residents warned of power company scam

Jul 28 2013 - 11:13pm


BOUNTIFUL -- Police warned residents Friday afternoon to be wary of scammers claiming to be the power company.

Bountiful Police Sgt. Andrew Boyson said several residents called the city confused over phone calls they received.

Apparently the callers claimed to be Bountiful City Power and would say that the resident's bill was overdue and threatened to immediately shut off their electricity unless they paid it with a credit card over the phone.

Boyson said the city would never inform residents of an overdue bill in that manner and would give them plenty of warning through mail or electronic messaging.

Police have not identified any suspects, but have traced the calls to the California Bay area.

These types of fraudsters are difficult to catch and charge, but the best defense is to confirm such calls with the city before giving over credit card information, Boyson said.

Police have not had any reports of any victims who bought into the scam, although there could be those who did not know they were swindled, he said.

Anyone who thinks they may have given their credit card information to the scammers should call Bountiful City Power to confirm, and then file a police report so they can try to get their money back.

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