No proof regarding Roy museum embezzlement charges

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:47 PM

Anna Lou Finney


In response to the article of July 6, “Roy museum’s legal issues resolved,” I have known former museum treasurer, Richard Dickinson for over 60 years and have never known him to steal from anybody or any thing. Museum president, Janet Piepgrass came from Washington and immediately appointed herself as president. She was never officially, nor legally elected according to the by-laws of the museum and the Roy Historical Foundation.

Piepgrass immediately asked for the password to get into the bank account. Richard refused to give it to her without board approval, since he had been treasurer for a number of years and she had no legal right to it. She then went to the bank and asked bank employees to give it to her. When the bank refused, without permission from Richard, she informed him she would “get him” one way or the other. She then claimed that she and her brother-in-law, who had nothing to do with the museum, audited the books (neither of them had accounting authority). The books had been audited every couple of years by officers of Wells Fargo Bank and there was never a problem.

Janet then pressed charges against Richard and Shirley, his wife, for embezzling $4,500.

There were two hearings in the Riverdale City Court, and I attended both of them. Janet could not present any proof. She had a public defender, the Dickinsons hired a private attorney. The judge then gave Janet a little over a month to come up with proof. A few days before the date, the prosecuting attorney called the Dickinson’s attorney and informed him that the judge had informed him that she could come up with no proof, so the hearing was cancelled and the case closed.

In my opinion, the $300 in restitution she claimed Richard paid (and would be paying more) was not restitution. This was a completely different case and a fine was paid to Riverdale city, was settled and the case closed last November.

Anna Lou Finney


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