Three seeking mayor’s post in Uintah’s primary election

Jul 30 2013 - 11:43pm



UINTAH -- Uintah's population of less than 1,400 will participate in the municipal primary Aug. 13, possibly setting in place changes for a small town feeling the effects of not enough businesses to provide tax dollars needed for city improvements.

The primary for mayor will set incumbent Sue Bybee against candidates Lawrence Flitton and Brandon Kroeger.

Bybee has held the position for two years and previously served on the city council, the planning commission and as a clerk and city recorder. Flitton and Kroeger have never been elected to public office, but Flitton has been an active participant in city council meetings, and Kroeger has been a financial manager for several years and lived in Uintah nearly all of his life.

All three of the candidates offered praise for each other but have individual ideas about how to improve the lives of city residents.

"I respect the mayor quite a bit, but I think Uintah needs a part-time mayor, not a full-time one. That will be part of managing the budget as well, since it would be one less full-time salary to worry about. Make no mistake, if I am elected, I am going to put in as many hours as I'm called for, but I think a town the size of Uintah would be better off that way," Flitton said.

Kroeger also thinks the need for financial frugality is important. He wants people to consider the potential negative consequences of the town becoming larger than it already is.

"I enjoy what a nice, peaceful, quiet community we have. People are considering whether we want to grow, and that would be an added burden on taxpayers. We need to look at needs and wants, and that way we'll have an easier time figuring out what we don't want," Kroeger said.

Bybee is proud of her work during the past two years and wants to continue to work on issues that have arisen during her term, such as the controversy over the closing and possible remodeling of the volunteer fire


"We need to make sure we have a viable fire department. We also need to create a nondevelopmental zone along the Weber River, since we had issues with floods there before. The most important thing, however, is to make sure we have a balanced budget," Bybee said.

The primary will narrow the race to two candidates for the general municipal election. There will not be a primary for the city

council races.

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