Saal's column 'a pitiful attempt'

Jul 31 2013 - 5:40pm


I stopped reading Saal's columns a long time ago, and only read this one because a friend wrote a letter to the editor complaining about it and I was curious. 

("Standard Deviations" July 28, "Utah makes poor showing in this year's National Honesty index" and "Saal's column about honesty offends 'gentile'" online July 29). 

What a pitiful attempt to state a clear religious bias under the guise of poorly stated humor. If I were a Mormon, I'd be offended at his snobbish us-vs-them perspective ("good" Mormons vs. "jacks"). 

As a Christian ("gentile") I am offended at his ignorant blame-shifting. As a Utahn, I am offended at his incorrectly stated, clearly cliche "Utah LDS," overly simplified, sweeping, wink-wink take on who we are. He is desperately out of touch with today's Utah, the good and the bad. As a professional journalist originally from New York, now residing in Ogden, I am not surprised at his provincial and quasi-anecdotal writing----it's the whole reason I stopped reading in the first place. 

He's not funny; he's ridiculous and there is a big, sad difference between the two.

I don't know how the Standard-Examiner tracks who reads and/or likes this guy, but unless it's looking for an entire readership full of pious LDS, it needs to seriously reconsider his position as a columnist. He is a poor representation of the quality writing, thoughtful consideration and intellectual insight that I presume the Standard- Examiner strives for.

As an aside, I could write his LDS-perspective column better with one, Christian hand tied behind my back and offer my services to do so.

Alicia Purdy





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