Sunset voters should check candidates' 'track records'

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 12:53 PM

Jerome R. Willden


I returned from Sunset mayoral candidate debate held at the city hall on July 30, and to state the truth, I was not happy with the way it was handled. As we entered the door, youth council members had us write a concern on a sheet of paper for the candidates to address. I did not see whether these concerns were drawn out of a hat or what. My comment was directed to candidates, Ryan Furniss and Kevin Snow, asking them why they did not have the concerns of Sunset citizens in mind when they spent our taxpayers’ money unwisely on iPhones, etc. ($5,000). I noticed that my question was looked at by two members of the youth council and if the truth were known, may not have made it to where it could have been drawn out.

My feeling of the whole situation was that this should have been handled by voters and such questions should be stated and addressed from the floor. Democracy was lacking. To me this was a conflict of interest being that Mr. Furniss is over the youth council.

I noticed that when Mr. Snow and Mr. Furniss answered concerns, they seemed to have “eye trouble.” It was I, I, I. Beverly Macfarlane used “we” with a few “I’s” in her comments.

There were some things that were said that could be questioned for authenticity, and needed to be thought out and addressed at a later time,

Please, Sunset voters, check these candidates’ track records, and if needed, read the minutes of past city council meetings.

Will some reveal an issue of legality being close to breaking the law? Let us vote in the candidate best fit for the job and who will have the best interest of Sunset citizens always in mind.

Jerome Willden


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