North Ogden has tax cheat

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:12 PM

Jolyon Walker


Utah law requires that new residents register their vehicles in the state within six months. An individual living in the city obviously has not complied with this statute. He blatantly parks his older Ford pickup with California plates in his driveway for all to see. He has lived here for more than six years.

What is the big deal some would ask? The annual property taxes on that old truck couldn’t be more than fifty dollars or so. The point is because this individual does not pay his fair share, our local and state governments increase levies on the rest of us as they satisfy their insatiable appetite for revenues.

Although North Ogden Officials have been advised of this violation, they have done nothing to enforce this law. Apparently they can only enforce vehicular laws when/if the truck is being actively driven on our roads (How did the truck get from a storage lot to the residence if not driven on the highway?) Disconcerting is that Councilman Bigler actively promotes this individuals misbehavior. The Biglering in North Ogden continues unabated.

One wonders how this individual answers affirmatively when asked by ecclesiastical leaders if he is honest.

Jolyon Walker

North Ogden

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