Sunset writer's accusations simply mud-slinging

Aug 1 2013 - 2:47pm


I would like to clarify some inaccuracies in recent letters by the writer of the July 19 letter, "Sweep inefficient spendthrifts out of Sunset city," and another published online July 31, "Sunset voters should check candidate 'track records.'" First, the Sunset City Youth Council did an amazing job at the recent debates. 

The writer makes an accusation that because I am the city councilman over the youth council that there was a "conflict of interest."  This is simply inaccurate.  The public wrote questions on three-by-five cards; they were given to the youth mayor, and questions were asked. Neither I nor any other candidates saw the questions. We learned of the questions when they were asked. Candidates were contacted and advised about the letter writer's concern. Every candidate expressed full confidence in the youth council to run a fair and informative debate. If you consider unlocking the building, helping set up chairs and making sure that the youth council had what they needed a conflict, then I am guilty as charged. 

Had the letter writer stayed for all of the debate he would have discovered that citizens were allowed to ask questions directly to the candidates and democracy was present. Second, citizens need know that this letter writer has had a problem with me that dates back to when I was in an ecclesiastical position of leadership. His feelings got hurt and now he is using this election as a way to mud-sling. He mentions that citizens should listen to the minutes----they should. In those minutes you will hear the truth. 

The IPads mentioned were purchased well below the price of $5,000. I am proud of my record, we have balanced the budget, adopted a Good Landlord Program, implemented recycling, started a retirement insurance program, given them a COLA raise, paved roads, replaced infrastructure and so on. Finally, there is the "I" problem mentioned. Debates are for citizens to learn about each of the candidates. The word "I" was used, strangely enough, because the citizens have come to know what "I" would do if "I" were elected mayor. Sadly, elections abound with rumors and untruths. Thank you for giving me the chance to shed light on these issues.  

Ryan Furniss

Sunset city council



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