Farm products would be 'sky-high' without subsidies

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:11 PM

Colleen Wood


This letter is directed to the writer of July 30 letter, “U.S. subsidizes wealthy farmers, not the poor.” It’s obvious he knows very little about farming.

I was happy to read the paragraph in which he wrote that Congress doled-out so much money to the farmers or dairy and livestock industries. I’m glad to see our “do nothing” Congress can accomplish something. If they hadn’t done that, the price of milk and other dairy products and meat would have gone sky-high.

The farmers and cattlemen have a lot of expenses that most people don’t even know about. They have to pay for the water they use for irrigation and also the feed for their animals. They have to pay for the equipment they use for farming. That is really expensive. They have to pay for the plants and seeds they plant. They also have to pay for the plant, bug and weed spray. They also must pay for the hired help they need.

Most farmers irrigate three to five days and all night long. They get very little sleep. They keep working day and night. They pay for the fertilizer they have use.

They have many rules and regulations they must follow. If they are grade A dairy farmers, they have to keep the barn and other equipment clean and sterile.

Yes, it’s true they own, or are paying for a lot of ground and house. That is another expense for them.

When a farmer adds up how much time he and his family members work and how much he spends for expenses, he makes very little money.

I want to thank the farmers and dairy men for all the things they do. I really like to eat meat and dairy products.

Our farmers do an awesome job.

Colleen Wood


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