Skateboarder killed in auto-pedestrian accident fondly remembered

Aug 3 2013 - 12:50am


Kristopher Collin
Kristopher Collin

HARRISVILLE -- Family members mourned the loss of a beloved son and friend Friday after an auto-pedestrian accident took his life.

Kristopher Collins, 15, was killed after being struck by a pickup truck Thursday evening while skateboarding.

"Kit," as he was known by friends and family, was said to be an ambitious young man, honor student and loyal friend.

"You couldn't find anyone who didn't love him," Kristopher's father Marty Collins said. "I couldn't believe all the friends that came out of nowhere to support us."

Collins said his son was ambitious and had been working since he was 13.

Kristopher was a carrier for the Standard-Examiner. Marty Collins said Kristopher took on four paper routes because he was saving up money to go on a trip to France with his class next year.

On Friday morning several of Kristopher's friends assembled to pick up his paper route, Collins said.

Kristopher was described as active, keeping hobbies such as skateboarding, BMX biking, motorcycle riding and gymnastics, Collins said. "If it involved action, he wanted to do it."

Kristopher had recently returned from hiking the afternoon of the accident, he said.

He was skateboarding with a friend around 9:40 p.m., traveling southbound on Washington Boulevard at about 1300 North.

The two boys were between the curb and outside travel lane, not using the sidewalk, Harrisville Police Chief Max Jackson said.

The truck, driven by Joshua Brunson, 34, of Harrisville, was traveling southbound and saw the two skateboarders. The truck swerved left, but hit Kristopher, who was closest to the travel lane.

Brunson stopped his vehicle and rendered CPR on the boy, Jackson said.

Collins disputes this claim however. He said he spoke with Kristopher's friend who was an eye-witness and claims that Brunson did not perform CPR.

Jackson said Brunson's clothes were covered with blood, indicating that he was holding the boy at some point.

As of Friday, police have not interviewed the other boy, he said.

Emergency responders arrived on scene and took Kristopher to the hospital in critical condition.

He was later confirmed deceased.

Both Ogden and Harrisville police responded, because that section of Washington Boulevard is split between their jurisdictions.

Blood was drawn from Brunson to determine if he was impaired, but Jackson said police do not suspect drugs or alcohol were a factor.

The investigation is ongoing, Jackson said Friday.

"At this point, we don't anticipate charges against the driver, but that will depend on the investigation," he said.

Collins said it was a horrible accident and there is most likely blame on both the victim and driver.

"I hope no parent ever has to deal with this," Collins said. "We should never out live our kids."

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