Current events keep lawyers busy making money

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 1:03 PM

Jack E. Warner


I saw on the TV news that the teenager who slugged the game official resulting in the death of that man has been convicted of homicide by assault.

I cannot believe for a minute that this teenager’s outburst was meant to kill. Manslaughter is almost always the charge for adults when a death occurs from unintentional stupidity.

Of course, now a dozen appeals can be submitted from defense attorneys and that will guarantee lawyer income for a good many moons.

On the same note, the Doug Lovell and Joyce Yost spectacle has also become a big money producer for the legal community. Also, the Ogden police have been chastised for the Matthew Stewart event. The policemen were doing what has been assigned to them. Somebody higher up makes these unwise decisions to attack in the dark of night against a person that had harmed nobody but himself. I wonder how much thought went into such a decision.

And it goes on: The Waco tragedy and the handy man in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping.

Someone with authority, but not much else always pushes the button. Not all is equal or fair in legal justice.

Jack E. Warner


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